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First Italian astronaut to travel to space supports website about faith and science

In 1992, astronaut Franco Malerba became the first Italian to travel to outer space. Now he's presented a website that brings together science, theology and philosophy.

The project is called “DISF Educational” and is promoted by the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and the Italian Bishops' Conference. It's managed by professors and students and explores questions like, How did life on Earth begin? Is the theory of creation compatible with the theory of evolution?, Is a human being different from other animals?

Astronaut Franco Malerba acknowledges that science will never have all the answers.

“The questions about matter and the forces that make up the nature of the cosmos are not finite. Fortunately, the search for knowledge has no end. There are still natural phenomena that we don't understand. And we are always left with the fundamental question, which is, 'What is our place in this vast universe?'”

Science, faith, medicine and artificial intelligence. Ideally, young people would study all of these fields together, in order to obtain as much knowledge as possible and broaden their horizons. A section of the website even offers ecological and cultural material.

“The website isn't dedicated to outer space, but trips to outer space are current events that offer much broader points of cultural reflection.”

The goal of this academic tool is to combine schools of thought, created by people like Galileo Galilei, with current topics, like technological progress.