Michael Feighan releases new EP: Someone somewhere is praying for you

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-“Someone, somewhere prayed for me. I really don't know who, and I really can't say when.”

“Someone Prayed” is drummer and songwriter Michael Feighan's first solo project.

“I feel like that really talks to anybody, if they're a believer, if they're not a believer, because someone somewhere is praying for them. Or you're praying for somebody. When times get really tough, like they are now, sometimes it's hard to pray. And so then you have those people: family, friends, whoever, that are standing in the gap praying for you.”

Aside from the title track, the EP includes “Joy of Life,” which tells the story of how Michael Feighan and his wife, Christie, overcame a difficult moment in their lives.

“There's a line in there that I was really happy about, and it says, 'Even in the darkest days, there's still a light that shines on through.' And so I think, especially too, with what's happening in the world today, that people feel lost, and so I guess I just want it to be an encouraging message, and for them to look to God.”

Feighan was born into an Irish Catholic family. He says he was first drawn to music by artists like Rod Stewart, Kiss and Rush. Then he discovered Stryper, a Christian rock band, and felt called to use his music for God.

“Some of the other Christian bands I'd heard before, they didn't hold a candle to some of the bands I was listening to. So there was definitely a shift. I was like, 'Man, I want to do that. I want to be in this army.' And God just opened the doors. It was definitely all Him.”

Feighan became the drummer for Whitecross in the 90s. The rock band won a number of Christian music awards. 

Now as the drummer and vocalist of his own solo project, Feighan is excited to share the joy of music and the joy of life with others.


Michael Feighan

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