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International conference to highlight historic role of women in the Church

The Pontifical Urban University will host a conference on ¨Women Doctors of the Church and Patron Saints of Europe¨ on March 7 and 8. 

It is organized by the Catholic University of Àvila and the Institute for Women's Studies of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. 

The event will highlight the message about women that changed the Church in their time such as Teresa of Àvila and Catherine of Siena.

“Women Doctors of the Church and Patron Saints of Europe”
“We thought that after the pandemic and the crisis that we are all going through, the message of these saints could offer a sign of hope to the world of today.”

The meeting will focus on important women such Therese of Lisieux, Hildegard of Bingen, Teresa Benedicta of the Cross and Brigid of Sweden. It aims to shed light on the importance of women in the Church. 

“Women Doctors of the Church and Patron saints of Europe”
“For example living out Hildegard´s message on the care of creation in light of the encyclical ´Laudato si´. And there is also Therese of Lisieux, who is a patron saints of missions and never left the monastery.”

Additionally, the conference will direct funds to help Christians from Lebanon. 

The proceeds will go towards three literacy projects and education improvements of Catholic schools in this country. 

In this way, the contributions of these influential women continues to be felt today throughout the world.