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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis receives bottle of wine and invitation to spend Holy Week in Valladolid

The Archbishop of Valladolid (Spain), Cardinal Ricardo Blázquez, and the city's mayor, Óscar Puente, traveled to Rome to show what Holy Week in Valladolid is like: solemn and grandiose.

The presentation was delayed because of the pandemic. But they are now completing their ambitious project to showcase Spanish piety in Rome.

Archbishop of Valladolid (Spain)
“We came to present Valladolid's Holy Week here in Rome. It's a bit bold to showcase it in Rome. But although Holy Week in Valladolid is known globally, it's worth presenting it here. And my own impression is that people appreciate that we came and presented it here.”

Their meeting with the Pope was very relaxed. They gave him a book and an additional gift...

-“Something a bit less spiritual.”
-“Thank you very much.”

It was a good red wine from Valladolid.

Mayor of Valladolid (Spain)
“He said that wine cheers up the spirit, but that it can cheer some people a little too much. And I said that's why we should only drink it in small doses. It was an improvised conversation, but it showed the Pope's great sense of humor and his closeness to others.”

-“You are very much invited to come to Valladolid, of course, to experience Holy Week. We would love it.”

They couldn't leave without inviting the Pope to their city, even if they know how difficult it is to find an empty slot in a pope's schedule.

Pope Francis couldn't keep from smiling and joking throughout their meeting...

-“Holy Father, I'm a seminarian from Valladolid.”
-“And how is that my fault?”

The Pope said goodbye with a group photo.