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Book helps readers visualize the history of the Bible

“Bible Portico” is a free online book that explains Scripture in an enjoyable way.

It includes images and maps showing the most significant places in the history of Salvation.

Co-author “Bible Portico”

“How would I use this book? I would use it as my notes to have a summary of each chapter of the Bible and to be able to organize them within the whole context of the history of salvation.”

The book is divided into two sections. One talks about the history of the Bible, and the other about its message. Its simple reading aims to reach a broad audience.

Co-author “Bible Portico”

“In order to portray the message, we've decided to divide it in two sections. One is more focused on the historical process: how the book was written and what is the process of the book to become a book and arrive to us, and then what is the book saying, what is the history within the book.”

By December, the book will be published in English, Spanish, and Polish, and by 2022 in Italian and Portuguese.

Co-author “Bible Portico”

“You will understand better the meaning of the Bible, not only the meaning of the words of the Bible. Why it is there and how that is helpful.”

It can be downloaded for free on a website created by Saxum, a project created in Israel that aims to teach pilgrims about the Holy Land.