Philosopher Massimo Borghesi contextualizes Pope Francis' mentality in latest book

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Pope Francis' unique way of thinking has been analyzed by Italian philosopher Massimo Borghesi. In his latest book, “Catholic Discordance: Neoconservatism vs. the Field Hospital Church of Pope Francis,” he seeks to understand why the Pope is misunderstood by some Catholics.

Author, “Catholic Discordance”
His way of seeing things goes beyond the dialectic of the right and the left, which is the dialectic that divides the Catholic world in Italy but also the United States, so on the one hand there are conservative Catholics who are against abortion, but maybe they are in favor of the death penalty, maybe they are in favor of the arms industry, maybe they supported the war in Iraq during the Bush presidency. Then there are progressive Catholics who want to intervene in social matters in favor of the poor, but they support abortion and with it that aspect of individualistic freedom pre today's mentality.

Borghesi explains that Pope Francis has a way of thinking that cannot be easily defined, and needs to be better observed and understood. 

Author, “Catholic Discordance”
What the Pope wants committed Catholics that bring together social responsibility with the defense of non-negotiable values. This is the view that he wants, a position that goes beyond the dialectic of left and right, he wants an integral social Catholicism that is not divided according to some values and others no. If one defends life, they need to defend it in all possible forms.

In his book, “Catholic Discordance,” Borghesi observes that in some Catholic environments, especially in the United States, Pope Francis is misunderstood, but not only him, also his predecessors, from Benedict XVI to even John Paul II and his encyclical Centessimus Annus.



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