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A Scientist turned priest: The Story of Lorenzo De Vittori

Lorenzo De Vittori is a scientist. He researched relativity and gravitational waves. But his life then took a radical turn.

Now, he is an Opus Dei priest, an organization to which he already belonged founded by St. Josemaría Escrivá in 1928 and dedicated to the laity.

Scientist and priest
From St. Josemaría I learned, above all, to sanctify my work. First of all, as a researcher. Now I will do my best in my new job as a priest.

From now on Lorenzo will devote himself to the spiritual care of Opus Dei's lay members.

It is a completely new but not totally unexpected scenario. In recent years, he moved to Rome to study theology, and last year the current prelate of Opus Dei, Fernando Ocáriz, proposed that he be ordained.

Scientist and priest
I left it in God's hands. During this time I finished my studies in theology, a master's degree and, last year, in April, the call came from Fr. Ocáriz, our prelate, and in this call I saw God's will, God's call, and I said "yes, here I am!"

Lorenzo De Vittori was ordained on May 21 along with 22 others. 

He is clear that as a priest there is one point he will preach on in particular.

Scientist and priest
At the same time, I would like to be able to convey the beauty of forgiveness, learning to forgive oneself, learning to understand yourself, which does not mean simply forgetting, but loving others, including with past mistakes, and wanting to start over.

Fr. De Vittori is convinced that faith and science enlighten each other and, in fact, the says that being ordained a priest does not mean he will stop working in the scientific field.