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Pope Francis encourages each young person to “be original”

This Friday, Pope Francis welcomed a group of young Italians from Alpha Camp, a youth group focused on evangelization. The Pope entered Clementine Hall with his cane and without the need for assistance. 

After the bishop's greeting, Pope Francis spoke to the young people, addressing the challenge they face in an ever-growing secularized world. 

However, in the human heart, the thirst for the infinite is never quenched. Even within you who have grown up with technology, the great questions of all times arise: Where do we come from? What is at the origin of everything? What is the meaning of my existence?

Pope Francis added that it is necessary to pose questions about daily life.  

A person who lives solely by answers is a person accustomed to being closed. A person who lives by questions is a person who is used to being open. And God loves questions.

He also listed Blessed Carlo Acutis as an example of the holiness in youth. A young Italian who, despite his short life, used the internet as an instrument to bring awareness to Eucharistic miracles around the world. 

May the living Jesus become your life! Every day and forever. And I echo Carlo Acutis: please, don't be photocopies. Be original!

The Alpha Camp is a week-long initiative of the Italian diocese of Isernia that brings together young people from all over Europe to make new friendships in the Christian faith.