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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: God's love asks us to be vigilant

Pope Francis prayed the Sunday Angelus in St. Peter's Square, remembering two phrases from the Gospel of Luke in which Jesus tells his disciples to not be afraid, and to be ready.

Knowing that the Lord watches over us with love does not entitle us to slumber, to let ourselves succumb to laziness. On the contrary, we must be alert, vigilant. Indeed, to love means being attentive to the other, being aware of his or her needs, being willing to listen and welcome, being ready.

The Pope then asked those gathered in the Square to offer the gifts they have received to their brothers and sisters.

At the end of our life, He will call us to account for the goods He has entrusted to us. Therefore, being vigilant also means being responsible, that is, safeguarding and administering those goods faithfully. We have received so much: life, faith, family, relationships, work, but also the places where we live, our city, creation. We have received so many things. Let us try to ask ourselves: Do we take care of this inheritance the Lord has left us?

Pope Francis also prayed for those who died in a car crash the day prior. A bus crashed into a ditch and took the lives of twelve pilgrims traveling to Medjugorje, Croatia.

I sadly learned of the automotive accident that happened yesterday morning in Croatia. Some pilgrims going to Medjugorje lost their lives and others were wounded. May Our Lady intercede for all of them and for their relatives.

The Pope then greeted the various groups of pilgrims that had traveled to Rome, and asked that they pray for him.