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Pope Francis: I prefer a wounded Church because it goes out to existenital peripheries

On August 5 and 6, "Hechos29", an international meeting for digital evangelizers, took place in Mexico. Pope Francis sent a message to those present in which he stressed the importance of their mission. 

May this meeting help you to feel like a community, as part of the missionary life of the Church, which has never been afraid to go out to meet new horizons and frontiers. And, with creativity and courage, to announce God's mercy and tenderness.

In addition to cautioning them to keep humanity at the center of their mission, Pope Francis added a word of encouragment. 

Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. I never tire of repeating that I prefer a wounded Church, because it goes out to the existential peripheries of the world, to a Church that is sick because it remains closed up in its own little certainties.

Priests, religious, and lay people were all in attendance for the “Hechos29” meeting. In an increasingly digital world, the use of new technology is essential to bringing the Word of God to people.