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Pope Francis on liturgy: Traditionalism is the dead faith of some of the living

 Pope Francis met with the Italian Association of Professors and Practitioners of Liturgy.

The Pope explained that the liturgy is a work of Christ and the Church—a living organism and not something static.

It is not a marble or bronze monument; it is not something in a museum. The liturgy is alive like a plant and must be cultivated with care.

Pope Francis said that the liturgy must be rooted in tradition but the temptation to make tradition an ideology or traditionalism must be avoided.

He added that this way of acting, "even if it is disguised as liturgy and theology," is worldly. The Pope went so far as to say that "traditionalism is the dead faith of some of the living." He recalled that it is something that the Second Vatican Council dealt with at length.

One of the main contributions of the Second Vatican Council was precisely to try to overcome the divide between theology and pastoral care, between faith and life.

Lastly, Pope Francis recommended that liturgists prioritize prayer in their academic work.