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Vatican's social dicastery presents its work program

One of the changes in the reform of the Curia was to concentrate the four departments in charge of social issues into a single dicastery: that of Integral Human Development.

The dicastery has recently presented its work system based on three pillars. The first is listening to the problems in the local churches. The second is to investigate these issues in-depth and, thirdly, to communicate guidelines.

This is what the dicatery did during the pandemic, when they asked the international community to distribute vaccines in poor countries.

Dicastery for Integral Human Development
We want to work on what seems to be the priority of concerns so that, afterwards, the people of God will testify, that, thanks to God, the Church has accompanied them. For us, this is success.

The objective is to help make the Social Doctrine of the Church present throughout the world. For example, one of the most important areas of work is migration. In fact, thanks to its work, the Holy See was able to present its contributions to the UN Global Compact on migration.

The secretary of this dicastery, Alessandra Smerilli, explains that in recent months, the mission of this Vatican department has improved. It aims to help communities identify when something is going wrong in order to address it in time.

Secretary, Dicastery for Integral Human Development
This passage, I think it is clear, from listening and dialogue, to research and reflection, and from there, to communication and restitution...there needs to be continuous flow and management, so that it does not remain as just words.

This ambitious work began a month ago and aims to reach the needs of communities worldwide.