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"The Letter": a documentary on climate change based on Pope Francis' encyclical

After 4 years of working on this project—with Pope Francis' help—"The Letter" has been officially released. The documentary tells the story of the famous encyclical, Laudato si'. 

Director, “The Letter”
I started the movie, I think, with a prejudice, that I felt that as a scientist, or someone who believes in science, that people who believed in religion would naturally not be interested in my subject The Environment. I just wasn't aware, and when I read the encyclical I saw and I realized, you know its not the case.
I lost my prejudice against a group of people who I thought weren't interested and realized quite to the contrary that now, I don't think that now we can solve any of the environmental problems without a moral component.

"The Letter" follows different ecological advocates from around the world: a climate refugee from Senegal, a young activist from India, two marine biologists from the United States, and the leader of an indigenous community in Brazil.

As a scientist the climate change issue is not new. I've been working on this issue since 1993. 30 years. So to bring the issue forward and make it about people, to make it about faith, to make it about your belief in what humanity can be on this planet, I think that is what the movie does for people. I think it helps to put the climate issue and biodiversity,and this sort of scientific issues into the context of humanity.

Different cultures, different religions, different perspectives, but the same cause. 

Youth Activist
The movement that we are working on and the fight that we are having as activists for so long, it just feels like is just gonna be a lot more people listening and working.

"The Letter" strives to explain the complexity of climate change but also aims to offer a message of hope, thanks to the testimonies of the people involved, including Pope Francis.