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Pope Francis relaunches Caritas Internationalis, appoints new leadership

There are no signs of corruption or sexual abuse, but the Vatican is shaking things up in Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of Catholic charities, due to “deficiencies noted in management and procedures” which seriously harmed “team-spirit and staff morale.”

That's why Pope Francis is starting from scratch. He has dismissed the entire Caritas Internationalis management and put in place a temporary administrator to oversee operations. He is Pier Francesco Pinelli and has a background in management and business administration at large companies. According to the Vatican, his appointment, along with a new team named by the Pope will “provide stability and empathetic leadership” to the organization.

The Vatican says the changes will not affect the the functions of the 162 humanitarian organizations that rely on Caritas Internationalis to coordinate among themselves.

The new commissioner must also prepare for Cartias' general assembly to be held in May 2023, when a president, secretary general, and treasurer will be appointed. Cardinal Luis Tagle, until now its president, will also assist in the assembly's preparations.