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Pope Francis encourages an attitude of making peace before throwing a stone

Pope Francis met with representatives of the European Institute of International Studies. They came from Salamanca, Spain, but their institution also has a branch in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Pope expressed the Holy See's concern for the war in Ukraine. He called for a change to resolve the conflict before it escalates.

The human attitude of making peace is so difficult. Because the first reaction we have is to grab a stone and throw it at the other person, to declare war and then negotiate. No, making peace is easier. It saves two steps.

Pope Francis criticized the fact that arms manufacturing is one of the most heavily invested businesses in the world. But he added that there is hope.

We must not give up. From the ashes that we see today, something new can sprout. From this failure, we can find a life lesson.
What looks like a defeat and a cause for reproach can, like the scandal of the cross, become a victory.

This is not the first time Pope Francis has met with the European Institute of International Studies. In February 2021, he received the Swediesh branch of this Institute for diplomacy and development.