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Cast of new Spanish musical performs for Pope Francis

The cast of the Spanish musical Malinche arrived at the Vatican. This is not their first time singing before the Pope. 

The musical tells a love story that fuses pre-Columbian and Spanish cultures. Its author, Nacho Cano, presented a song from the musical to Pope Francis. 

Author, Malinche
It is a song that is sung at the moment when the first massive baptism of women in America is represented, which was the baptism of the character Malinche, who is a mother. For us, it was very meaningful to sing this to a Pope who speaks Spanish.

The musical has already been seen by over 150,000 people. 

Nacho Cano finds the history of the Conquest of Mexico to be fascinating. Despite injustices that were committed, he uses the musical to reflect on the successes of the Conquest.

Author, Malinche
In fact, Mexicans like the musical the most because Mexicans do not have a positive reference of their history and here they find it. Imagine a relationship of husband and wife, children, with divorce, lawyers... What do you keep? What do you keep? The part where we loved each other and did the nice things or the ugly part? Well, here we keep the beautiful part, which is very big.

This is not Nacho Cano's first meeting with the Pope. In 2019, he met him with members of the Hispanic-Jewish Foundation. He believes Pope Francis has done great things in his papacy.

Author, Malinche
I think he focuses more on substance than form. I think it's more about the message of humility, of looking at others, of empathy. Working as a group. I think the message is about working as a group.

After working on the musical for 13 years, Nacho Cano departs from Rome with excitement for the future of Malinche.