From Madrid to the Vatican: Choir returns to St. Peter's Basilica

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 A parish choir from Madrid, Spain made its way to back St. Peter's Basilica. 

LOLA GORDILLO President, St. Jerome the Royal Choir Well, it came from the desire of all the people in the choir. We had come 7 years ago to sing. And people wanted to come back, they wanted to again feel the emotion of singing in the cradle of St. Peter. We got in touch with priests and a Cardinal who eventually led us to the head of the Vatican chapel. We sent our program, they accepted it, and here we are.

The choir of St. Jerome the Royal sang at Sunday Mass. The performance impacted not only the audience, but also the singers and staff. 

MARÍA ZAPATA Vocal Technique Teacher You feel you are in another universe. You are conscious of this emotion and you cannot let go because you would block yourself from the feeling. But you are conscious at that moment. Then the feeling stays with you, and you keep rethinking it.

The choir performed a set they often sing in Madrid, which includes the Gloria and Ave Maria.  

RUBÉN SÁNCHEZ-VIECO Director, St. Jerome the Royal Choir It's a classic set that we are very used to doing. But to be able to come and sing here is a greater emotional effort. For me it was a goal to control the emotions. I told them that it was very important to be concentrated.

The choir's church, St. Jerome the Royal, is located in the heart of historical downtown Madrid. The choir members will continue to perform in their home parish, but hope to sing in St. Peter's Basilica again soon. 



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