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Pope Francis

Pope Francis visits Benedict XVI before his upcoming birthday

April 13, 2017. Vatican releases statement that the pope visited Benedict XVI yesterday.

Jazzy singer launches cover song to feel God's calming presence


Describing herself as a singer/songwriter with a hint of jazz, Kylie Odetta has released a cover video of the song Closer, originally by GAWVI, which is an invitation for all to come nearer to Christ. 

"My hope for the song and what it means is that people would feel that love and maybe for the first time while they're watching that video or listening to that song, and really feel a calming presence and really feel just how much God truly cares about them specifically because it's crazy.”

Kylie says the experience of filming was a testimony to her and full of so many examples of Divine Providence. She says, even the location where they filmed the music video was an example of God's assistance.

"The place where we filmed it is actually called the Upper Room and is a venue that is kind of faith based, which is where the name comes from, the Upper Room, where Jesus was with His disciples.”

She says that faith has always played a large role in her music, beginning with God blessing her with a musical gift. She explains that now she wants to honor Him with her songs.  

"We can do nothing without Him and we should desire to do everything with Him. So with each little daily moment, I've been trying to invite Him into my life more.”

That is exactly what she is doing with this song, drawing closer to Him not only personally, but inviting all those listening to do the same, one musical lyric at a time. 

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