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Gospel Singer John Angotti: From a speech impediment to a recording artist

American singer John Angotti is used to performing live. His voice and piano are enough to fill seats in any venue. Nonetheless, he is often joined onstage by friends and fellow recording artists. Angotti is the third of four adopted children. They were all raised in Clarksburg, West Virginia. His mother enrolled him in piano lessons at the age of seven. By then, he already knew how to sing.  JOHN ANGOTTI Singer "Singing for me started when I was four years old, I had a stuttering problem, and my mother found out that through singing my stuttering problem stopped. And so one of the first songs I sung was "The Church is One Foundation.â? In his career he's done more than ten albums. His latest one is titled "Extraordinary Love.â? It includes his first single "I'm just Sayin',â? is the official song of the Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles.  All of Angotti's songs have Gospel influences, so it's no surprise they reference God. JOHN ANGOTTI Singer "Music is that art form that immediately touched the heart. As soon as you hear it it affects you. So music gives you the opportunity to go beyond the material things.â? At the end of each performance, on stage or at Mass, Angotti brings up the message that, as a Catholic, he tries to live by each day. JOHN ANGOTTI Singer "To let everybody know, you know, I send you out on a mission of love, and know that I am with you always until the end of the world... Thank you all so much.â?  PM JOHN ANGOTTI/Archdiocese of LA/WLPMUSIC.COM VM -PR Up: PM #Art