Pope's Mass: Jesus prays for us everyday

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During his Thursday morning Mass, Pope Francis explained that Jesus is a Savior and not someone from the past. He added that Salvation is something that happens every single day. 

'We often forget it and say â??Jesus ... yes, itâ??s all finished, He is now in Heaven. He sent us the Holy Spirit and that's it. End of story. No! Even now, at all moments, Jesus intercedes.â? 

The Pope concluded that the wounds of Christ show the high price of human salvation. 

(Source: Vatican Radio)

'The people feel this, and see that promises are fulfilled in Jesus, that in Jesus there is hope. The people were a bit bored by the way of teaching the faith, by the teachers of the Law of that time, who burdened the shoulders of the people with so many commandments, so many precepts, but did not come to peopleâ??s hearts. And when the people see Jesus and hear Jesus - His proposals, the Beatitudes â?? they feel something moving inside â?? it is the Holy Spirit that is causing people to stir â?? and they go to see Jesus.â?

'Jesus saves!â? said Pope Francis. 'These healings, these words that reach the heart, are the sign and the beginning of  salvation â?? the path of salvation for many who begin to go to hear Jesus or to ask for a healing and then come back to Him and feel salvation.â? He went on to ask, 'What, though, is most important? That Jesus heals? No, that is not the most important thing. That He teaches us? That is not the most important thing [either]. [The most important thing] is that He saves! He is the Savior and we are saved by him: this is the most important thing, and this is the strength of our faith.â?

'This is relevant today. Jesus stands before the Father, offering His life â?? the redemption â?? He shows His wounds to the Father, the price of salvation â?? and so it is that every day, Jesus intercedes. When we, for one thing or the other, are feeling a little down, let us remember that it is He who prays for us, intercedes for us continually. So many times we forget this: â??Jesus ... but yes, itâ??s finished, heâ??s gone to heaven, sent us the Holy Spirit, the storyâ??s over.â?? No! Even now, in every moment, Jesus intercedes. In this prayer: â??Lord Jesus, only have mercy on me,â?? He intercedes for me. Turn to the Lord, asking for this intercession.â?


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