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Pope Francis at Casa Santa Marta: God wants mercy

During his morning Homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis discussed a subject that certainly held relevance for the Synod, which is currently taking place at the Vatican. He said that it's important to not have a hard heart and to remain open to God's mercy. POPE FRANCIS "As the beginning of the Year of Mercy approaches, we pray to the Lord to help us understand His heart, what 'mercy' means, and what it mean when He says: 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice!'â?  The Pope specifically warned against a "ministry of rigidity.â? He recounted how Jesus spent time among sinners, and rejected suggestions from "doctors of lawâ? that sinful people should be shunned or killed. EXTRACTS FROM THE POPE'S HOMILY (Source: Vatican Radio) Remarking on the fact that the city of Nineveh converts thanks to Jonahâ??s preaching, Pope Francis said "it really was a miracle, because in this case he abandons his stubbornness, his rigidity,  to obey the will of God, and he did what the Lord commanded him." "Where the Lord is - Francis concluded - there is mercyâ?. And, he added, as Ambrose said: "Where his ministers are there is rigidity. The rigidity that defies mission, which challenges mercy ": "As we approach the Year of Mercy, let us pray the Lord to help us understand his heart, to understand what 'mercy' means, what it means when He says: 'I want mercy, not sacrifice!'â? he said. ATO CTV S -BN Up:ATO