Pope's Mass: Obsession with money destroys

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In his Monday morning Mass, Pope Francis talked about why being attached to riches is counterproductive. Most importantly, he said, one cannot have money and God as their masters. 

'Family love, the love of our children, siblings, love of our parents, somehow they are not as important as money. This destroys! The same goes with wars, the wars we're witnessing today. Yes, there is an underlying goal, but money is behind it. Money for arms traffickers, money for those who profit from wars. This is not just about one family, all of us, I'm sure, know at least one family who has been divided because of money. Jesus is quite clear: Be careful and stay away from greed: It's dangerous.â? 

Being obsessed with wealth and riches, the Pope said, is a dangerous path, that always ends badly. 

(Source: Vatican Radio) 

Reflecting on the readings of the day that had just been proclaimed at Mass on Monday morning in the Santa Marta chapel, Pope Francis bluntly reminded the gathered faithful that we cannot serve two masters: either one serves God, or one serves wealth. Jesus, 'is not against wealth as such,â? but he warns against staking oneâ??s safety in money â?? something he said risks, 'turning religion into an insurance agency.â? In addition, attachment to money is divisive, as illustrated by the Gospel tale of the 'the two brothers arguing over the inheritanceâ?:

'Let us consider how many families we know, whose members have fought, who are fighting, who donâ??t [even] say â??Hello!â?? to each other, who hate each other â?? all for an inheritance. This is just one of the cases: the love of family, love of children, siblings, parents â?? none of these is the most important thing â?? no, itâ??s money â?? and this destroys â?? even wars, wars that we see today: yes, sure there is an ideal [over which people fight], but behind that, there is money; money for arms dealers, the money of those who profit from the war. This, then, is [just] one family, but all of us, Iâ??m sure,  know at least one family so divided. Jesus is clear: 

â??Be careful and stay away from all kinds of greed: it is dangerous.â?? Greed: for, it gives us a security that is not true and it brings you to pray â?? yes, you can pray, go to church â?? but also have a heart that is attached [to material wealth], and that always ends badly.â?

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