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Pope Francis at Casa Santa Marta: God always forgives

During his Friday morning homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis made a distinction between regular sinners and truly corrupt ones. Normal sinners feel the need for forgiveness. Corrupt ones think it isn't necessary. POPE FRANCIS "The Lord always forgives. But one of the ugliest things about corruption is that the one who becomes corrupt has no need for forgiveness. He doesn't feel it.â? The Pope added that it was necessary to pray for everyone to be freed from the grip of corruption: from the Pope all the way to the laity. SUMMARY OF THE POPE'S HOMILY (Source: Vatican Radio) "Corruption â?? from which David was saved by the grace of God â?? had wounded the heart of that "courageous youthâ? who had faced the Philistine with a sling and five small stones. "Today I want to emphasize only one thing,â? the Pope concluded. "There is a moment where the attitude of sin, or a moment where our situation is so secure and we see well and we have so much powerâ? that sin "stopsâ? and becomes "corruption.â? And "one of the ugliest thingsâ? about corruption is that the one who becomes corrupt thinks he has "no need for forgiveness.â? "Today, let us offer a prayer for the Church, beginning with ourselves, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for the priests, for consecrated men and women, for the lay faithful: â??Lord, save us, save us from corruption. We are sinners, yes, O Lord, all of us, but [let us] never [become] corrupt!â?? Let us ask for this grace.â? ATO CTV VM -BN Up:IPC