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Spanish Jesuits unite their social work websites to be more efficient

Spanish aid organizations associated with the Society of Jesus are facing myriad challenges: migration, international cooperation, and helping young people at risk of social exclusion. With such a difficult task, they've unified all their work in one place: www.hospitalidad.es. It translates to "hospitality,â? and is available in both Spanish and English. From there, people can get information about various organizations. The page explains through text and video how to work in welcoming tasks, international cooperation, and social awareness. But the most important part of the site is the section that gives an answer to a simple question, 'What can you do?' People can sign up to volunteer or open up their home to someone in need.  For those without time to give, they can also provide financial donations. It's another way to personally help Jesuit organizations. They are helping those in need during a time when Europe is experiencing the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. IPC/ATO RR/JRS SV -PR Up: AC