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Christians of all denominations join to answer the pope's call for the care of Creation

"Believers and non-believers agree that the Earth is our common heritag, the fruits of which should benefit everyone. However, what is happening in the world we live in?â? Pope Francis has been a strong advocate for environmental protection since the start of his pontificate. In 2015, with the publication of the encyclical Laudato si', it became clear that the care of what he calls "the Common Homeâ? is one of his top priorities. POPE FRANCIS June 17, 2015  "I ask you to be responsible with the mission God entrusted to mankind with Creation. To cultivate it and care for the garden in which He has placed us.â? That is why he established September 1 as the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, joining in this way the Orthodox Church, who did exactly the same in 1989.  To help Pope Francis in his efforts, the World Council of Churches has launched an ecumenical campaign: "Season of Creationâ?, that will run until October 4, the feast of Saint Francis, patron saint of Ecology. "That we take good care of creation, a gift freely given, cultivating and protecting it for future generationsâ? In this way, a total of 2.2 billion Christians are invited to pray and to take action to preserve our environment. The project's website contains multiple resources for Christians of all denominations to be able to change the world: from organizing prayer groups to getting a million signatures on Change.org. AG seasonofcreation.org/RR SV -PR Up:AC