Scientific Evidence of Eucharistic Miracles

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These two authors are on a journey: For 10 years they've studied countless documents and traveled throughout Europe to show scientific evidence of Eucharistic miracles. The recently presented their findings in Poland's embassy to the Vatican. 

It's a book that includes more than 40 photographs of miracles and scientific conclusions explaining what happened.    

'On the exhibition, I show the small Host that changes into a piece of heart. That was unbelievable. When I saw that through my camera that one little piece was a Host and the rest was a human heart. We meet also with this scientist who examined it, and he told us that it's absolutely a piece of human heart. We have to believed it.     

The book's title roughly translates to: 'Secret Evidence: Investigating the Supernatural.' Gazergorz Gorny and photographer Janusz Rosikon are very proud of the final product.     

'I traveled to Spain, Italy and France looking for Eucharistic miracles, but the last ones,  which are very spectacular happened in Poland so I went there.'     

The first registered Eucharistic miracle of the 21st century took place in the Polish city of Sokolka on October 12, 2008, when a priest accidentally dropped a consecrated Host. He then picked it up and placed it in water, so it would dissolve, and left it in the Church tabernacle.     

A week later, he realized the host had red clots. Upon closer inspection, they turned out to be traces of heart tissue.     

The second miracle happened in 2013 in  Legnica, Poland. On Christmas day, a Host fell onto the floor. Days later, it began to bleed blood.    

Ambassador of Poland to the Vatican
'We live in the 21st century and people are thinking 'well no more miracles, Jesus has done some miracles but a long time ago.' But that exhibition proves that there are still miracles and that Christ is still alive. And people they don´t have to just believe in miracles because they are also scientifically proven.  

This event marked the first public exhibit of the newly published book. The authors are hoping for a second exhibit in the Italian city of Lanciano. It's very symbolic site,  since the first registered Eucharistic miracle happened in that very city,  back in the 8thcentury.

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