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Spectacular Gospel choir resounds in the Vatican

This is a snippet of the sounds that will fill the Paul VI Audience Hall tomorrow. Cheryl Potter is joined by the Hallelujah Gospel Singers. 

The 25th annual Vatican Christmas concert will benefit two good causes. Part of the proceeds will go to the Scholas Foundation to aid in the fight against cyberbullying. The rest will go to the Don Bosco Foundation in Africa to help rescue 400 child victims of labor exploitation in the coal mines of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

A constellation of stars will donate their voices to the cause. For example, legends Patti Smith and Annie Lennox, two contemporary musical divas. 

Other known acts will join them. Among them are Al Bano, Lola Ponce, Noa, Gigi D'Alessio, Hevia and dancer Joaquín Cortés.

Pope Francis thanked all of them today for their participation in the event and talked about art's mission. 

“Art is a formidable means of opening doors in the mind and heart to the true meaning of Christmas. The creativity and genius of artists, with their work, music and singing are able to reach the innermost depths of the conscience. Art reaches the most intimate part of the conscience.”

Before concluding the meeting, the pope blessed an olive tree for peace and posed like this with the youngest group participating in the concert, the Children's Choir of Piazza Vitorio.