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Rome Reports

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Choir from Jerusalem hopes to inspire peace through concert in Rome

While the sacred compositions that reverberated throughout the Basilica of Santa Croce were sung in various languages ranging from Swedish to Arabic, the performers had only one purpose in mind. 

Around 100 guests attended a concert for peace presented by the Magnificat Institute, a music school based in the Old City of Jerusalem

Director, Magnificat Institute
“We want to be a sign that it's possible to live together, especially if we have a good purpose. For us, it's to do nice music and to share also a message of peace.”

The eight-person choir was invited to Italy for four concerts in honor of the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Although the audience may not have understood all of the group's lyrics, the beauty of their devotion to Mary did not go unnoticed. 

Student, Magnificat Institute
“I want people, especially in Rome, from these concerts to see that – first of all – there are Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem, locals who speak Arabic. I want to show this to people so they can realize that 'Ok, there's hope, there's the music.' We're doing this and we'll continue to do this no matter what.”

The Magnificat Institute was established in 1995 with a mission of providing high-level education in music from early childhood to adulthood, regardless of students' gender, race, language or religion. The school currently employs teachers from various backgrounds and faiths who instruct the Christian, Muslim and Jewish youth of Jerusalem. 

Director, Magnificat Institute
“They grow up together living without borders, without labels and differences between cultures and religions.”

As the choir now returns to the Holy Land, where tensions remain high, the Institute assures it will continue to promote peace through interreligious interaction and, of course, beautiful music.