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Pope Francis in baptisms: “Feeding your babies is also language of love”

For another year, the music in the Sistine Chapel was the crying of 34 babies, 16 boys and 18 girls, who were baptized by the pope. During the ceremony, the Holy Father was very attentive to the needs of parents and children. 

“If the children start the concert, it is because they are uncomfortable or because they are too hot or feel hungry. If they are hungry, feed them. Don’t be afraid. Go ahead and feed them. This too is the language of love.”

Pope Francis gave a brief homily, since he knew the babies were surely tired. He reminded the parents that they are the first transmitters of the faith, which they must do in the dialect of the family and language of love.

“Don't forget this, it's done in 'dialect.' If the 'dialect' is missing, if at home you do not speak the language of love between parents, the transmission of the faith is not so easy, it cannot be done. Do not forget. Your task is to transmit the faith but to do it with the language of the love of your home, the language of the family.”

Following, the pope baptized the children one by one. Some were calmer than others, and, although none will remember this day, they will surely never forget the date of their baptism.