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Before she could talk, Camila Holanda was singing for Mary

Before she could speak well, Camila Holanda was singing songs. These weren't nursery rhymes, however, but rather odes to Mary. 

What began under her grandmother's direction when Holanda was two years old has now blossomed into a professional music career whose purpose has never faltered.


“My goal is the same always – to touch and lead many young people closer to God and Mary.”

In 2015, the Brazilian singer-songwriter released her debut album at the age of 15. The project contains 11 tracks, both original and covers. With titles such as “Queen Mother” and “From Son to Mother,” Marian devotion permeates Holanda's discography. This stems, she says, from Jesus and Mary's role as the “center of [her] life.”

Holanda hopes to share this foundation with anyone willing to listen, wherever he or she may be. 


“I feel that through my music hearts are touched. I've listened to many stories from people all over the world telling me that when they listen to my music, they feel the presence of Mary.”

In her upcoming single entitled “Safe Place,” Camila Holanda continues to do what she's done nearly her entire life – vocally express the safety of the Blessed Mother's open arms.