Pope Francis' new book, "God is young," presented in Rome

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This is Pope Francis' latest book entitled 'God is Young.' It is an exciting dialogue between Francis and Italian journalist and writer, Thomas Leoncini. While for people of all ages, it is especially aimed at the young.

Author, 'God is Young'

'It speaks of a man who is not prejudice, who looks people in the face, and who uses his power to put himself at the service of others. He has this power, but he is not happy until he has done something for those left behind. This is not just about religion, it's about life.'

The pope knew the book, 'Born Liquid' that Thomas Leoncini published with Zygmunt Bauman. So when Leoncini went to deliver it to the pope, the surprising proposal to write this book together was born. 

Author, 'God is Young'

'Naturally, we started to think about how to speak about young people in a different way, with a recipe. This is the pope's recipe to help young people. It has come from his heart. I have not had to edit anything.'

The result is a forward conversation about the present, to try to build a better future. Pope Francis proposes changing the world with a revolution of tenderness and building a bridge between young and old, especially those discarded from society.

Author, 'God is Young'

'I think this is the central theme, to place them in contact with others, to create a bridge. The real pontiff makes bridges. It is what he does. For humanity it is an opportunity to have a person who creates bridges.'

'God is Young' was born with the intention of being a best-seller, as it is a very personal account by Pope Francis, which has already been published in six languages, and will be published in English in September.

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