Musical group Alfareros releases new album entitled “70 times 7”

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“Alfareros,” one of the most famous Catholic bands in Latin America has just released a new album entitled “70 veces 7,” or “70 times 7.”

Its latest song “Nada que no seas tú” (“Nothing but you”) has already reached 40,000 views on YouTube and will likely be on the group's setlist for a concert at World Youth Day in Panama.

“Our songs have been inspired by life testimonies, whether ours or those of people who've shared them with us to compose and write songs the Lord has inspired in us through prayer.”

The band was created in 1995 following a youth encounter at St. Paul parish in the Dominican Republic. 

“They decided to do something different with the music that was played during Eucharistic ceremonies. They added some more instruments and paid more attention to the choir and harmonies, and people at the parish enjoyed this.”

Since then, they decided to speak of God through music and lyrics that inspired Catholics from around the world to live the faith on a more pleasant and joyful note.  

“God has given us the possibility of reaching many places, many countries, many hearts and many people... That was His gift, but through ministry. 

“Our album, in general, speaks of a lot of healing, and that's the best gift that God wants to give to everyone through us.”

This group has been making music for 23 years, and its mission hasn't changed since the first day: inviting those who listen to be better people, to forgive and help others, but this time, 70 times 7. 

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