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Pope in Santa Marta: Love is shown in works, not in great speeches

While celebrating Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis said God's love is infinite, but manifests itself through smallness and tenderness, not with great speeches.

“What does Jesus say? He doesn't say, 'I think God is like this. I understood God's love.' No, no... I have experienced God's love in small gestures. I fed the hungry. I gave drink to the thirsty. I visited the sick, the prisoner. The works of mercy are the exact path to love that Jesus teaches us, in continuity with the great love of God.”

Finally, the pope recalled that God has always been the first to love us and He waits for us like a father.

(Source: Vatican News)

“It is a love that cannot be understood. A love that surpasses all knowledge. It surpasses everything. The love of God is so great; a poet described it as a “bottomless sea without shores…” This is the love that we must try to understand, the love that we receive.

How does God manifest his love? With great works? No: He makes himself smaller and smaller with gestures of tenderness and goodness. He approaches His children and with his closeness He makes us understand the greatness of love.

God sent us His Son. He sent Him in the flesh and the Son humbled himself until death. This, he said, is the mystery of God's love: the greatest greatness expressed in the smallest smallness. This, allows us to understand Christianity.

It is all about carrying on God’s own work in your own small way: that is feeding the hungry, quenching the thirsty, visiting the sick and the prisoner. Works of mercy pave the path of love that Jesus teaches us in continuity with God’s great love for us! Our works of mercy are the continuity of this love.”