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Pope Francis to meritorious workers: Renewing work in an ethical way means renewing society

In the Paul VI Audience Hall, Pope Francis welcomed participants from the National Convention of the Italian Masters of Labor Federation. 

In his address, the Holy Father thanked them for providing an example of commitment and service to the common good and urged them to continue efforts to reshape the workplace. 

“Renewing labor in an ethical way means, in fact, renewing society as a whole, banning fraud and lies, which poison the market, civil coexistence and peoples' lives.”

“Master of Labor” is an honor bestowed by the federation on those who have demonstrated excellence at their jobs for 25 years or more. Potential recipients must be at least 50 years of age. 

The pope prayed that their mission be guided by the Beatitudes and reminded them of their important role in human development. 

“Teach us and our world not to distrust or neglect people who leave their land because of the waves that strike it, hungry for bread and justice; lead us not to live on the superfluous, but to devote ourselves to the promotion of all, to bow with compassion to the weakest, free from the comfortable illusion that, from the rich table of a few, it can automatically 'rain' well-being for everyone.”

The Italian Masters of Labor Federation was officially established in 1956. Its convention continues in Rome until Sunday, June 17.