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Venezuelan Bishops: The pope has asked us to remain close to the people

The pope met behind closed doors with the bishops of Venezuela, which the president of the episcopal conference has provided information about to the press. 

President, Venezuelan Episcopal Conference
“I would say Pope Francis has given us a message that we should really carry in our hearts as bishops: Keep close to the people. He insisted in every moment. To maintain a closeness especially with those who suffer the most.”

In the press conference he stated that Venezuela is living “an unprecedented situation because it has gone from being a democratic situation to one of deficiency and has wanted to establish a political system completely different from that which is in the current constitution.”

President, Venezuelan Episcopal Conference
“The problem is that when the systems become powerful they do not serve the people and this deconstructs all the democratic bodies and institutions and this is what we see today.” “We may or may not agree with the political system but the important thing is to safeguard freedoms.”

He says that it is not a question of agreeing or not with the government, but of safeguarding liberties. He assures that the pope knows this situation very well and that they came out of the meeting with hope.