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Choir of deaf children sing "Silent Night"

These are 26 deaf children with hearing problems who do not allow their disability define or prevent them from singing. They compose the first Lebanese choir of deaf children.

Some of these little ones, like Ali, are also Syrian refugees. He had never had the opportunity to wear a hearing aid, until he came to this school.

Syrian Refugee
“Today we sang Silent Night, Jingle Bells, and Joy to the World.”

They are children ranging from four to 16 years old. They learned to sing thanks to the therapy and instructions from their teachers. They have been rehearsing for six months to perform the unimaginable.

Teacher FAID School
“I am very proud of them. They are singing a melody they can’t even hear. It is like asking a blind person to colour something they can’t see.”

The miracle is possible thanks to the FAID school for deaf children, founded in 1957 by an Anglican pastor. The center is on the outskirts of Beirut and it is home to 50 Lebanese children and 25 Syrian refugees.