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Singer Pablo Martínez launches humor videos to talk about God

Pablo Martinez started singing as a hobby. However, in 2002 he released his first album. His songs made such an impact on others that he realized music is his vocation. Pablo also discovered that he could help people get to know God through songs. 

“What motivated me to be a Catholic musician and what motivates me is to discover that this is part of a call, it is a vocation. I believe that God has a purpose for this and that is why he encouraged me to undertake this project.”

Pablo is also dedicated to giving catecheses to young people. He noticed that they were distracted in class by social networks. So, he decided to record short videos on Instagram explaining the Gospel of the day, so that they learn in an entertaining way.

"Then I thought, why not announce the Word of God? Why not familiarize them with the Gospel of the day through social media? I began to see that many students who were not paying attention in class were starting to follow me.”

His videos became more and more popular on social networks for their humor. He now has more than 90,000 followers. 

"There's a joy that comes from fun, from good moments, but this passes. Even behind it there may be experiences that lead one to cry in solitude. In today's Gospel, he tells us that Jesus fills us with joy, but it is the joy that comes from the spirit of God.”

"I do it thinking about young people. In under a minute, I can share an invitation or a concrete question. I try to make it as simple as possible so that it reaches the heart of that person, who perhaps is not in a Church environment.”

Since thousands of young people watch his videos, now Pablo wants his music to reach them as well. That's why he will perform at World Youth Day Panama 2019, to share his music with people from all over the world.