Global Association of sexual abuse survivors and activists asks Church for action

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The newly formed organization, Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) – Global Justice Project is in Rome this week, to make waves ahead of the Summit on Abuse. 

The International Association of survivors, survivor activists, and human rights activists have 40 people in the Eternal City with a specific mission in mind.

President ECA Founding/Board Member
“So our mission is to is for protection of children and to provide justice to survivors. We're not against the Church. We want the Church to do the right thing on these issues. So we want to put the pressure on so that for the Protection of Children and justice.”

They also are advocates for something often spoken about at the Vatican “zero-tolerance.” Yet, they say there is one more step for it to be implemented all over the world. 

President ECA Founding/Board Member
'We are most interested in 'zero tolerance' of clergy abuse. Zero tolerance for cover-up by the bishops and leadership. Francis has talked about that for six years, but it needs to be made universal law of the Church.'

They also say talk between the Church, the law and victims can get sticky sometimes. This is why they are hoping to help set up a commission to help with dialogue.

President ECA Founding/Board Member
“One of our planks is to ask the Church to set up an independent truth commission. I think ultimately to get beyond the back and forth, the shouting back and forth. The stakeholders have to come together. The church officials, prominent survivor activists, world leaders, if we can get together to put together a truth commission that would help move this forward.”

ECA is hoping to attract attention and impact bishops in Rome, which would be a major step for this group who is trying to help both victims and the Catholic Church. 

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