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Pope's message to Paris: Reconstruction will make Notre Dame Cathedral a precious ark again

The pope sent this message to the Archbishop of Paris along with a blessing to Paris and France. Pope Francis desires that Notre Dame, with the help of all in reconstruction work, will once again be “this beautiful treasure trove in the heart of the city, sign of the faith of those who built it, mother church of your diocese, and architectural and spiritual heritage of Paris, France and humanity.”

The Vatican spokesman also expressed his solidarity to those in Paris. 

Vatican Spokesman
“The Holy See is saddened and expresses its solidarity for what happened in Paris.”

Alessandro Gissoti insisted the Cathedral of Paris is not just a heritage for Catholics alone.

Vatican Spokesman
“Notre Dame will continue to be a place where all, as we have seen in these dramatic hours - believers and non-believers- can come together during the most important moments in history for France.”

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, in charge of pontifical relations with culture, also sent a message of hope. 

President, Pontifical Council for Culture
“I was impressed to see many Parisians and tourists crying at what was happening. This shows that the cathedral, the great cathedrals, the great basilicas, are not a pile of stones but living bodies.”

The last pope to visit Notre Dame was Benedict XVI. He went there 11 years ago in September 2008. During his trip he met with religious, priests and deacons.