Pope Francis visits those affected by earthquakes in their temporary homes

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'Look ... today is the greatest gift that life has given us.'

'Today is the most beautiful day of my life.'

The inhabitants of Camerino, in the center of Italy, received the pope's visit as a blessing coming from above. If they could have, they would have kept him at their homes all day long.

'Would you like to drink something?'

You wouldn't like anything? 

'Would you like to drink something, Pope Francis?'

He stayed for a long time with Maria's family. She is 92 and he gave advice to her grandchildren.

'Speak with that wisdom, which are our roots. She has to make it to 100, ok?'

After visiting several houses, he greeted the rest of the people one-by-one. He regretted not being able to visit them all, but assured them that he would not forget to pray for them.

'You saw him in Rome when he was six months old. This is the little brother. '

He then visited the cathedral of Camerino, which was badly hit by the earthquake.

There Pope Francis entered with a helmet as he contemplated the desolation of the church. Then he deposited a bouquet of flowers before the remains of this image of Our Lady.

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