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Rap launched to prepare for Extraordinary Missionary Month

The band, “Not From This World,” and rapper, Grilex, have united to launch “Chain of Kindness,” a rap to help people become closer to God.


“About two or three years ago I had a very strong encounter with the Lord. From then on, I knew I had to put my gift at his disposal.”

The theme “Chain of Kindness” is a project in collaboration with the Pontifical Missionary Works. It aligns with the pope's proposal to convoke an Extraordinary Missionary Month in October of 2019.


“Above all, rap can bring people closer to God. Rap has a lot of character because it has so many words. If you make the most of the words, people feel as if they can identify with the message you want to convey, which in our case, is God. In one way or another, people identify themselves in our music and little-by-little find Christ.”

 “I live to give, not to stay alone, and to give to people who do not know their place. Bringing light to the world, in this moment, where many ask when you will be with them. Love is the most important, the rest does not matter. Love comes first, the rest can wait until later. Love, and don't stop giving, live life as one and life will be better if you cooperate.”


“I think that rap has a lot to do with the theme of missions. Rap comes from the streets, so it really comes out of the “you to you” with people. In the end, the mission is to constantly be in contact with people who feel the need, to constantly be “face to face” with people. Words have a powerful effect on people, which has a lot to do with the theme of rap and missionaries.”

You can listen to this song on Spotify and other popular music platforms. The proceeds of this song will be used to support the Pontifical Missionary Works to create a real chain of kindness to bring hope to the most needy parts of the planet.