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Pope in Santa Marta warns of the danger of being an ideological Church

In his homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis explained that faith cannot be conditioned. The pope warned that Christians who are stuck in their own ideas and are afraid to grow end up in ideology, rather than faith.

“There are two paths in today's Church: the Church of those who stick to their own ideologies, and the Church that shows the Lord approaches all realities, that He feels no revulsion: our sins do not disgust Him, He approaches us as He approached the lepers, the sick.”

Pope Francis said that Christians should not reject God's mercy and recalled that God “has come to save, not to condemn.”

Source: Vatican News

Pope Francis reflected on the book of Jonah, which describes the conflictive relationship between God and Jonah. The pope recalls Jonah's dialogue after being trapped in a whale for three days as an image of his own resurrection.

The pope explained that although Jonah presents himself as stubborn in his convictions of faith, God presents Jonah as stubborn in His mercy: “He never abandons us, He knocks at the door of the heart until the end. Jonah,