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Verónica Sanfilippo launches song to express gratitude

The song is called “Solo quiero darte gracias,” which means “I just want to thank you.” It's Verónica Sanfilippo's new single. She's a singer-songwriter from Argentina who looks to alleviate those with heavy hearts.


“I understood that God was asking me to share my gift with others. In that moment, music became my way of spreading faith. I decided I'll serve through Catholic music.”

Her songs are based on her own life. She hopes that her message will help guide many others in their Christian lives.


“The main purpose of our music is to be a tool to help people pray and praise God. We want to help them discover what God wants to tell them. Each song has a background story with hours of prayer and worship.”

With this song, Verónica wants to remind people that they don't need to worry about what they're missing because their life is a gift in itself.

She learned this lesson when preparing for a missionary trip that was complicated with tight schedules and medical issues.


“We were invited on a mission trip to Venezuela. There were many clear signs from God that said we should accept the mission.”

“Although we had problems, doubts and inconveniences from the trip, the mission was very blessed. We thank God for putting us on that path. At the moment we were very nervous, but now we remember it with affection.”

In the next few months, Verónica plans to participate in more mission trips. In the meantime, she will continue to write songs to helppeople give thanks.

Carlos Kestler
Translated: Rachel Dobrzynski