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Sunlight Project's first song: creative blend of Latino rhythms and meaningful lyrics

That's the sound of Sunlight Project's first song. They released the music video in Spanish and Italian, featuring the girls from Gen Verde.

Sunlight Project

“At parties, when the moment comes to dance and play music, we often choose songs without thinking about the lyrics or their meaning. We don't think about whether or not it's appropriate for the context or who's listening. It might be adolescents or adults, or children who can't understand the song by themselves.”

The group's goal with “Quanta Vita,” in English, “How much life,” is to provide listeners with an enjoyable song that is simultaneously meaningful.

Sunlight Project

“We've released this music with Latino influences and lyrics in Spanish and Italian. It's called 'Quanta Vita.' We had a lot of fun recording it with Gen Verde. We both had the same idea to do something for others, to give young people hope.”

Gen Verde didn't just lend their voices. They also invited a group of young people from various countries to be part of the music video.

Gen Verde (U.S.)

“In fact, we worked together on the production of five different Gen Verde albums over the years. So when we sing together, it's more than a collaboration on a professional level. We share the same desire to bring our values to the music that we make, and especially to bring hope to people, especially to young people. It's a friendship that has really deepened. So when they invited us to collaborate on this project, it just came out naturally just to say yes.”

Gen Verde (Venezuela)

“In our countries, in mine especially, we often try to face life with a bit of humor. It's not for the humor itself, so to speak. It's like seeing things from a different perspective. It's facing problems with a distinct spirit, with optimism and enthusiasm.”

“Quanta Vita” is merely the first part of Sunlight Project's musical endeavors. Gianluca and Anna promise they will soon have new surprises.

Sunlight Project

“For now, the project's first song is out. We'll release the complete album soon.”

Gianluca and Anna are well-known in Italy for the video concert in which they tell the touching story of their family and their daughter, Lucy.

The first song of their Sunlight Project, “Quanta Vita,” was well-received in Italy. For a few weeks, it held top spots in the “new projects category” ranking.

This goes to show their dream of making listeners dance, while simultaneously being respectful of their audience, is well on its way to fulfillment.