Pope Francis to Global Catholic Climate Movement: Be greener!

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Pope Francis met with members of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, which aims to bring the environmental values of the pope's encyclical, “Laudato si',” to life around the world.

He seemed very happy as he greeted each person individually.

“How are you?”

“Good, and you?”


Cardinal Tagle introduced the movement to the pope, then opened the floor for members to speak directly to Pope Francis.

“We are very touched to be here with you. We thank you.”

Following their conversation, likely on environmental issues, they all prayed an “Our Father” together.

Then came the customary exchange of gifts. The pope gave each person a rosary.

This representative, in turn, gave Pope Francis a special rosary made by nuns and Laudato si' animators from the Ecuadorian Amazon.

“Very nice.”

“They're all Amazonian seeds, from Amazonian trees. Here is Mary, Mother of the Amazon.”

The pope also showed his guests this tapestry. He explained that it shows God's hands creating the universe with tenderness and a sense of motherhood.

“Laudato si' has to be lived out like this image.”

Finally, the pope thanked the group and said goodbye to each person. He made them chuckle with this final request.  

“Be greener!”

The Global Catholic Climate Movement counts on a network of over 900 member organizations spread across the globe.

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