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What is my vocation? Jesuits launch video series to help find answers

A group of young Jesuits in Spain recently launched a new online initiative to help people with vocational discernment.

“What's certain is that there are some signs that tend to repeat themselves in the vocational process.”

It's part of the project Voces Esejota, already in motion across social media platforms for four years.

Project coordinator, Voces Esejota
“We said, 'Why don't we make some videos that answer these questions, so that everyone can see them?' So they don't only reach people who dare ask the questions or those who have the opportunity to do so. Instead, we wanted to also reach those who are more embarrassed, those who wouldn't dare ask the catechist or priest they have in front of them.”

The project takes advantage of modern technology to reach the highest number of young people possible, right where they spend most of their time: online.

Project coordinator, Voces Esejota
“Today, many of us are glued to our phones. We are more attached to our computers. God speaks to us even there. Even there, God is asking something of us. It's there that we also have to give a Catholic answer, one based on Ignatian spirituality.”

The new ten-part series will feature a different three- to four-minute video each month.

Project Coordinator
“It's a series responding to questions more specific to vocation. What is vocation? What is not vocation? Because sometimes we experience certain movements, emotions and thoughts that we don't know if something is truly a vocation. So what is vocation? What is not? Why a religious vocation, a vocation to the priesthood? Do religious and lay people do the same things?”

The series launched its first video this past March 19, St. Joseph's feast day, as a tribute to vocations. For now, the series is available only in Spanish, on Voces Esejota's social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.