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Regnum Christi virtual choir “raises” people above the current pandemic

In pandemic times, gestures of hope loudly drown out despair. Such is the case with this rendition of “You Raise Me Up,” sung by various members of Regnum Christi. 

The video's organizer is Deacon Jaime Lorenzo, currently living in Louisiana. He said the idea came to him in prayer and within five days, the voices had already been sent in.

Video's organizer
“It hit me. We have this group of 50 people Do music. Maybe we can do a some virtual choir song, you know, from our homes. I had like 18 voices to choose from between harmonies and melodies and different people and even people who weren't part of the group sent their their stuff in.”

Deacon Jaime also participates in the video, saying it's a heartfelt prayer meant to help those who are suffering now.

Video's organizer
“It's important, number one, that we don't let those negative tensions with down. Yes, those who are suffering directly. It's impossible to remove the effects of that suffering. And we're called, to be compassionate to understand to accompany them as much as we can, through our prayers and even calling them up or whatever. But more than trying to be positive, keeping a positive spirit. It's keeping the hope alive.”

He feels called, just as many other, to spread hope. It could be a picture or phone call or even the notes of a famous song, that can raise one's eyes above the storm to a God who's even bigger. 

Melissa Butz