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New documentary offers never-before-seen insights into John Paul II's life

To celebrate the centennial of St. John Paul II's birth, a new intriguing documentary about the Polish pope will premiere online.

Directed by Spanish journalist and author, José María Zavala, and with the participation of key figures from the saint's life, “Wojtyla: La Investigación” is both captivating and revelatory.

“I was in the Jeep with the Holy Father. He had lost three-quarters of his blood.”

Director, “Wojtyla: La Investigación”
“It's a film that contributes never-before-seen documents, photographs and footage of John Paul II. A file documenting a plan to poison the pope and end his pontificate will also surprise audiences.”

Zavala goes beyond the usual well-known episodes from Karol Wojtyla's life to reveal surprising details about him, even his lasting influence after his death.

Director, “Wojtyla: La Investigación”
“The film presents unpublished testimonies of healing and conversions of people thanks to the intercession of Karol Wojtyla today, because Karol Wojtyla is a great intercessor for current times.”

A documentary about the modern saint wouldn't be complete without some mention of his strong advocacy for life.

Director, “Wojtyla: La Investigación”
“The film also carries a message against abortion and in favor of life. That's who John Paul II was: the pope of the family, the pope of hope.”

For now, the documentary can be accessed exclusively on the European Dreams Factory website. Producers hope to release an English version in the future, maybe even in theaters, once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.