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Bergamo seminary offers rooms to doctors during pandemic

In many cases, medical personnel treating coronavirus patients can't return to their own homes, out of fear of infecting others. That's why the seminary at Bergamo, located in Italy's pandemic red zone, has opened its doors to them.

Bergamo Seminary
“At the seminary, we had a floor with 42 vacant rooms. So we gladly accepted [our bishop's] request to express, as the Church of Bergamo, our gratitude to medical workers, who are serving with determination and dedication.”

There they have a place to rest after a long day of work, assured that distancing themselves from their loved ones will protect them from the risk of being infected by the coronavirus, a risk doctors and nurses face everyday.

Despite exhausting days at health centers, medical workers do what they can to lift the spirits of their patients as they face such difficult moments.

Bergamo Seminary
“The profound humanity with which they speak of their patients has made an impact. Their gestures go beyond the medical and pharmaceutical fields. For instance, they send photos to the patients' relatives or call patients to check up on their health.”

Although it's temporary housing in a Catholic seminary, the doors are open to doctors and nurses of all beliefs.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: Claudia Torres