Trump re-tweets letter from archbishop normally critical of Pope Francis

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The president of the United States re-tweeted a letter written by the pope's former nuncio to the United States, Carlo Maria Viganò, famous for his criticisms of the pope. This particular letter contains no criticism of Pope Francis.

Donald Trump says it's an honor to have received this message from Archbishop Viganò, adding that he hopes “everyone, religious or not, reads it.”

In the letter, Viganò assures that the media showed partiality when reporting on Donald Trump's visit to the John Paul II shrine in Washington, saying the media was not serving the truth, but favoring one political faction.

Trump's tweet is seen as the president's response to the archbishop of Washington's criticism of his visit to the shrine, which he completed while he was proposing using force against protesters advocating for better treatment of black people.

According to Archbishop Wilton Gregory, John Paul II, as a defender of human rights and dignity, wouldn't have approved of Trump's attitude.

The author of the letter, Carlo Maria Viganò, is famous for having called for the pope's resignation in 2018. He claimed the pope hadn't acted immediately after becoming aware of the accusations against the former cardinal of Washington, Theodore McCarrick.

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